Text Editor

Web pages usually contain static text, to be able to edit simply without using a full-featured component with properties (stories), you can copy text-based content from the list.

1. List text content

lib text fouita

2. Copy the text with one click

copy text editor fouita

3. Drop inside the page

insert component fouita page

Now you will be able to edit the text directly into your page.

Insert Images or videos

To insert image or videos (from youtube or vimeo) you can paste the link directly into the editor 

Tip for simpler text editing experience

Every "Enter" click will create a new section, every section can be wrapped into a single heading and position style (h1,h2 ... center, left...)

Update heading

heading is applied to the entire current section (or line)

change heading fouita editor

Update spacing between sections

You can add more spacing between sections, this will keep your text clean and more visually appealing. You can adjust paddings and margins.

update spacing fouita