Switch between profiles

There is multiple indications about the current and selected profile in the current page.
When you visit a page and open a list of profiles, you may see something like this:

switch profile fouita

The profile with the radio button checked is the base profile for page, the blue hightlighted profiles are the one that contain the same page.

When you click on the radio button of a non selected profile, the page will change according to the selection.

select current profile fouita

Show pages inside profile

Select your current profile and show the list of pages

select profile page fouita

This will show the list of pages belonging to that profiles (Restricted).

Changing pages, changes profile selection

When you navigate between pages, the profile selection will change according to what profile contain that exact page (note that you can have different page with the same path for different profile, but you won't see it selected as the content is not the same)

select profile fouita

Update page inside profile

To update a page for a specific profile, you can unselected the non concerned profiles and update a page a usual, this will not affect the other page inside the other profiles.

update page profile fouita

Preview pages inside a profile

After updating a page for a specific profile, just select the current profile to preview the page content for that profile

preview page profile fouita

Create a new empty profile

1. Visit the page you want to add

2. Select the profile by clicking on the profile name (not the radio button)

3. If the profile have already the page path, you will be switched, you can delete the page that you don't need or change its name.

4. If the profile does not have the page path you will be asked to either select the profile (as if you click on the radio button) or add current page

add current page profile fouita

5. Click "add current page" and the page will be shared between the profiles

This will add "restricted" page to the public profile

When to use it ?

You can use it to make a distinction between many group of users, you can use it also for draft pages, to add and test features inside your page and then add it to the appropriate profile.