Search Components

There is 3 main sources of components

1. Project components

Components ready to be used inside your pages

project components fouita

2. Marketplace of components

Components to be cloned or previewed

marketplace components fouita

3. History of components

The history of your own components (built in the past in any project you own). Can only be cloned

personal components fouita

Find Components
You can apply filters to your search

1. Show all components
toolbar fouita

2. Select the marketplace tab

3. Filter by domain and type

filter components fouita

4. Type search keywords

5. Preview component details

preview component fouita

Search Icons
Many components require some icons, instead of looking elsewhere, you can search and import icons from the most popular free icons providers within the app.
Just click on the "Icon" sign in the search bar and you will be able to search icons.

search icons fouita

Icons can only be imported inside a component, details are in the developer guide