Insert components inside page

To add new components to the page, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have a list of project components built or cloned before. if you don't, see how to clone components first

insert component inside page fouita

2. Click on the copy icon

3. Position your mouse inside the appropriate page section

drop component inside page fouita

4. Click anywhere inside the page when you are satisfied of the position holder

component page fouita navbar

You can insert components inside other components or text editors,
Once the component is inside the page, the edit mode will be enabled.

If you're not satisfied with your component position, change it using the control bar on top of the component.

change component position fouita

Click on the move icon and you will be switched to the "insert" mode to drop the components whenever you like.

Note: You cannot insert components inside basic text nodes, spans, svg, hx, a elements.