Create a project

There is two types of projects that you can build with fouita:

1. Full Featured Website
This project can be deployed to static website and PWA (Progressive Web App) 
2. Widget for your website
This widget can be just a script code to insert into your website, this will enable you to build or use some custom UI into your website


1.  Signup to fouita
2. Under organizations click "new organization"
3. Fill the name of your organization (or company name) then save
4. Click on "Add Project"
5. Choose the name and type of project you want to create then click "Save"

Head to your project link and login with your fouita credentials, you will see the panels to customize and start building.
create project fouita

404 page exist by default, you can edit it or delete it.
To create your home page, click on "Create empty page".