Switch between versions

Update a component version inside a single or multiple pages.

Single page version update

1. Locate your component and click on the "version" icon

a. Fetch component inside the page

fetch component fouita

b. Fetch component from the side bar

fetch component page fouita

2. Select the appropriate version for the page

select component version fouita

Multi page version update (or bulk update)

1. List component versions from any page or from component version list

update component version fouita

2. A list of pages using the component will be displayed on the right side of the page

list pages with component version fouita

3. By default all pages are included in the update, you can click on the page to toggle selection

4. You can also select which profile is concerned by the update (to enable disable a group of pages for the update)

5. Click update to use the selected version inside the pages

update component version fouita