Import components & icons

There is a standard import feature related to svelte components inside the same editor, you can read more on nested components in svelte documentation.

In Fouita there is other way to import components and use them as nested.

Import components

1. Open the editor 

By editing or creating new component

2. Show list of components

Click on the side menu component icon

3. Visit versions

list versions component fouita

4. Click on the import icon

Component will be added to the editor with an import script inside App.svelte

import component fouita

Import Icons

Icons can be imported as svelte components, to do so:

1. Visit market components and click on the "icon" filter

search icons fouita

2. Search for the icon

search icons fouita

3. Click on the import link of the icon of your choice

import icon fouita

Icon will be added under the icons folder inside your editor and can be used as svelte component with import

import code icon fouita