Dynamic Routing

A dynamic route is a path that contain some variables, something like this


if you type the above into your website and create a page, a page with name "products/:pid" will be shown, and will be accessed with any url with that pattern 

For example if we visit https://mywebsite.com/products/anything
The page details will be displayed with extra variables that can be accessible anywhere inside the app using

window.$page or window.$env.page 

The variable is containing some insights about the page params

$env.page.params ⇒ {pid: "anything"}
$env.page.name ⇒ "/products/:pid"

You can add as many params as you want as long as their names are different.

Note: don't do this https://mywebsite.com/products/:pid/order/:pid (same pid param)

Example to access page params inside the editor