Create schemas

Schemas define what component properties are grouped together to customize certain behavior or display inside a page.

To create a schema for your component, click on "Data stories" on the top right of the editor.

show schemas fouita

This will show a blank area to create your schemas, you can do so in two ways:

1.  create schema from scratch

When you click on the "+" button you can start filling the attributes required for the data inputs

create schema fouita

2. import schema from other components

When you click on the "import" button you will be provided by the list of schemas you already created in different components from your project, from the marketplace components, and from your history of personal components.

import schema fouita

You can choose to import any schema with the list of stories loaded.

You can search fom local project, from the marketplace or from previously created components in other project you own.

search schema fouita