Create Component

To create new component you can start from scratch or from any base component

Start from scratch

Click on the "+" button on the sidebar to open the editor and start your first component.

toolbar fouita

You can write basic html if your component does not require specific interactions

code editor fouita

Or you can write some svelte code

code editor fouita hello

Start from different component

When you visit your list of components or components from the market you can click on the following icon to clone and edit the component.

component version fouita

Save your component

When you click "next", a screenshot of your component will be taken, if you want to change it, just click "back" and take a screenshot of yourself, then click "next" and paste the image in the text input.

You can use Window + Shift + S on windows or Cmmand + Shift + 4 on macOS to take a selected screen shot.

component preview fouita

The component created will be added to the list of components

component search fouita